How much is perspective worth when it will save you time, energy, happiness, and money?
You want to see actual ideas and campaigns that work and know the steps. 

You aren't interested in being confused by multiple approaches, mentors, and groups and you want a one stop shop for all things online (and don't have a 10k budget.)

Technology scares the crap out of you, but you know you need to understand it.
Confusion is the worst place to be.
That's what happens when you invest in multiple mentors.

And that leaves your debit account in the negative.

That's what happens when you don't have support and place to ask for help.

And that leaves you in procrastination mode never sharing your ideas or expertise with those you need it.
The Freedom Life  Monthly  
that consists of:
A live video a week from your mentors, Lisa and Eric, and a place for Q and A! 
In one years time, Lisa has grown a multiple six-figure business in the health, fitness, wellness, business and personal development industry all from her kitchen table.  

She’s mastered product creation, content and copy that sells, video and speaking engagements, coaching and leadership. Her niche is working moms who are coaches or service providers.

Eric has also grown a six-figure income working from his basement. His projected sales in 2018 is 7 figures. Eric has worked with various health clubs, lawyers, tax consultants, real estate agents, coaches, candy-shop owners, and can work with anyone who has a product or service to optimize their branding, websites, marketing, and the dreaded technology that frustrates most creative minds. 

It only took Lisa and Eric 2 years to realize they have a unique offering with copy, content, tech, launches and marketing and they play well in this sandbox together. You may also get some life hacks along the way as they balance business, parenthood, and their relationship!
It’s rare that you get the opportunity to be coached on content, product creation, branding, technology, and marketing strategies.
It’s truly a one-stop shop of what it takes to be profitable in business and live a life you love. 

Blending their expertise has been what’s allowed them to grow in their businesses so quickly and that's what they want for you! 

It’s not for those who make excuses, envy or compare others, or aren’t willing to put in the hours it takes to be successful.

Your dream is a mix of hustle, knowledge, and action. 

Lisa and Eric can help you with their knowledge, brainstorming, and mentorship, But it’s only you who can hustle and take action. 
What our monthly membership consists of:
  •  Weekly Live Video Teaching from Lisa and Eric around the latest campaigns that are working, and all things content, technology, and launching.
  • Weekly answers to your questions in the group. 
  •  Perspective from other entrepreneurs from around the world to help you succeed in your business.
Monthly Membership is
$19.95/Month (Founders Rate)
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