What separates the 7-figure earner from the woman who struggles with feeling guilty about spending money on herself?
What separates the entrepreneurial women who just has a side hustle when really her full time job pays the bills,

From the woman setting her own hours and location of work, being at every school event, and never being kept up at night worrying about paying the bills?
It’s a myth that a “full time job” 
is security.
Work—pay bills-- and stay alive-- if you’re lucky enough to enjoy retirement and the chronic stress hasn’t killed you.

Pinching pennies is exhausting.

And the thought of someone else dictating your pay, hours, and vacation gets old.

Not to mention, co-workers can be rude, intrusive, or just plain annoying.

When you have a fire in your gut to help others, and a product or service you believe in.
What separates
those women
above are two things:
A successful, knowledgeable mentor that has walked the walk, And taking immediate action. 
In one years time, Lisa has grown a six-figure side hustle in the health, fitness, wellness, business and personal development industry. Her projected income for late 2018 is 7 figures. 

She’s mastered product creation, content and copy that sells, video and speaking engagements, coaching and leadership. 

Eric has also grown a six-figure income working from his basement. His projected sales in early 2018 is 7 figures. Eric has worked with various health clubs, lawyers, tax consultants, real estate agents, coaches, candy-shop owners, and can work with anyone who has a product or service to optimize their branding, websites, marketing, and the dreaded technology that frustrates most creative minds. 

In 3 years time, Lisa and Eric went from passing each other out the door with a quick kiss because they worked opposite hours, and pinching pennies to go on a family vacation or renovate their home.
To owning 2 six-figure home businesses, traveling internationally, and both playing active roles in raising their toddler.
They felt slaves to their job. 

They pushed having children until their life was more “stable”.

And in hindsight, they wish they had started building their businesses sooner. 

That’s why they are passionate about inviting you to their excusive, invite only, Freedom Life Legacy Continuity Mastermind. 

It’s for those ready to take action and don’t want to live out another year of anxiety about money, work or financial instability. 

It’s for those who want the freedom to work when and where they want. 

And for those who have a passion to be successful in their work. 

Their mastermind is different.
It’s rare that you get the opportunity to be coached on content, engagement, product creation, and branding, technology, and marketing.
It’s truly the full package of what it takes to be profitable in business and live a life you love. 

Blending their expertise has been what’s allowed them to grow in their businesses so quickly. 

It’s not for those who make excuses, envy all the other people who make millions, or aren’t willing to put in the hours it takes to be successful.

Your dream is a mix of hustle, knowledge, and action. 

Lisa and Eric can help you with their knowledge, brainstorming, and mentorship, But it’s only you who can hustle and take action. 
The monthly continuity mastermind consists of:
  •  1 monthly video, released the first week of the month, that outlines the key building blocks of business and the path Lisa and Eric took to build their profitable brands.
  •  A private FB community where you get constant ongoing support and access from both Lisa and Eric.
  •  One mastermind workshop LIVE video call (that will be recorded in case of emergency) in which you get to present what you’re working on, the results of your work from the guiding video and get 1:1 “hot seat” feedback to grow your brand and revenue.
Membership Tuition:
$497.00/ Month for 12 Months
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